The new model 5.3 is THE skibike. We are now truly where we always wanted to be - a skibike on which you feel really comfortable both standing and sitting. It's almost as if you were integrated into the frame!

The wide rocker skis allow any use from powder snow to "on the limits" carving on hard slopes.

Above all, we are still convinced that we build the safest skibike!

Yes, we know that our fork is a “unique design”, but it brings a lot more safety when compared to all the ski bikes that use normal mountain bike suspension forks. It also enables us to build a skibike where the handlebars are where they should be, even without high stems and BMX handlebars.

We are also currently the only skibike builders offering a bench seat. There are many good reasons for this! You move differently on a skibike and much more than on a bike, for example. Your weight is constantly shifting in order to get more edge pressure when sitting, and on the slope and snow conditions, front or rear. When riding standing up, the position also varies depending on the conditions. You should stand very centrally above the handlebars on hard slopes, but very far back on deep snow descents. A regular seat cannot cater for such variations so we say bench seat forever!

Next, our fold-away, ultra-wide motocross style footpegs. In our opinion, it is essential to use foldable footpegs. It happens quite often that you get caught in the snow and therefore you could get badly injured with a fixed pedal. The motocross riders among you have recognized this for a long time.

Other features that you can only find in our sports equipment are the skis that can be removed in two seconds, the indestructible 1.5″ steering head bearing and waterproof ball bearings we use at every moving point.

We are convinced that we can build the best skibike in the world for less than 1,000 EUR. Perfectly tailored to the needs of winter sports enthusiasts in the Alps.