With the Transformer Kit 1.1 you can quickly turn your mountain bike into a very cooooool looking skibike!

We recommend taking a “Downhill” MTB due to its excellent geometry – well-suited for this kind of use. Some “Enduro” bikes might be also good as long as they have a flat steering angle below 67°.

The kit fits all MTBs with 142, 148 or 150mm rear hub widths with 12mm thru-axles and forks with 15mm or 20mm thru axles.

The kit consists of two adaptors made of alloy, a pair of high-quality wood core skis and our CNC-milled 7075 alloy MX-Style foot rests.

Optionally you may buy the kit without skis.

There is also a budget version available. This version has an alloy sleeve instead of the MX-foot-rest you can slide in the bottom bracket housing on which you thread in the (included!) pedals. Please note that this sleeve is secured via a screw which means a small hole needs also to be drilled into the bottom bracket.

In short, make the best winter tool out of your old bike. We recommend not to use your current number one horse because a skibike usually suffers a lot when being transported on the lift. So, revitalize your old ride and enjoy biking the snow!